Guards, In Guards We Trust

Laura Studarus

By Laura Studarus

on 04.29.13 in Reviews

In Guards We Trust

Anthem-ready sing-alongs, full of pumped-up hooks for pumped-up kids

Guards are positioning themselves to take up residence in the house that Foster the People built; unacquainted with understatement, the trio pepper their caffeinated debut album with anthem-ready sing-alongs, full of pumped-up hooks for pumped-up kids. In Guards We Trust packs a spectrum of touch points into its 12 tracks, plucking influences from across the dial. Although leaning heavily on a slacker charm, “Silver Lining” is more jingle pop than garage, the raw guitar mostly used to frame the sugary chorus. “Can’t Repair” repackages their energy into a Motown swagger. The unifying factor here is energy, every song eagerly poised to become summer barbeque and film credit fodder alike.