Instinkt, Grum

Chris Nickson

By Chris Nickson

on 04.22.11 in Reviews


Molten, adventurous folk-metal.

This Danish band creates something akin to folk-metal. Although the heartbeat of the music (all original compositions) is in Denmark, its wings spread wide (throat singing in the dirtily vibrant "Yummi Yah," for instance). It's a quantum leap from their debut, full of passion even on the most delicate pieces. "Bollywood Express," which has nothing to do with India, pushes as far as possible: Martin Seeberg plays his hurdy-gurdy the way Hendrix abused his guitar, bringing out a cornucopia of majestic, screaming sounds. Like most Danish bands, the fiddle is the base of their music, used with a lyrical beauty on "Stille Sind." But they fill the arrangements with wonderfully details — little touches of backing vocals, percussion and jew's harp add texture. This is a confident band that's happy to take imaginative chances, from the raw ambience of "Ønskeskæbnen" to the childlike simplicity of "Simon's Schottish." Molten, adventurous joy.