Blondie, Greatest Hits: Blondie

Ira Robbins

By Ira Robbins

on 05.18.11 in Reviews

Greatest Hits: Blondie

Capturing Blondie’s essence and outlining the band’s achievement

Like other new wave groups active in the early days of MTV (Simple Minds, OMD, Berlin), Blondie put their musical mark on a film, and had their greatest chart score with "Call Me," which Giorgio Moroder co-wrote and produced as the theme song for American Gigolo. The powerfully seductive dance track's inclusion adds to the value and completeness of this excellent singles collection, whose 19 tracks capture Blondie's essence and outline the band's achievement, while sloughing off the uneven results of their more audacious experimentation. It aptly summarizes No Exit, the band's 1999 reunion record, with exactly one track, the wonderful "Maria," and holds The Hunter down to a single shot as well. Otherwise, this is everything you need to hear, from "X-Offender" to "Rapture," "Hanging on the Telephone" to "Heart of Glass."