Goodie Mob, Still Standing

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 08.23.12 in Reviews

Still Standing

The Goodie Mob

Cee-Lo, T-Mo, Khujo and Gipp followed up their 1995 debut Soul Food with the looser, wider-ranging yet no less absorbing Still Standing in 1998. Success hadn’t changed Goodie Mob much — “What they know about the banana and mayonnaise?/ Slices of toasted bread on the nap-kin” Gipp goads on the slinking “Fly Away”; later, Cee-Lo reminds doubters they’re still proudly from the “dirty, filthy, nasty dirty south,” land of “silky drawls” and gold fronts. They tinkered with some different sounds here — the rock snarl of “Just About Over,” the minimalist, crystalline crunk of “Beautiful Skin” — but the highs were familiar ones. “Black Ice (Sky High)” was one of the Family’s finest moments together, a Goodie Mob-Outkast relay run over a broken-down organ wheeze. A sense of desperation resounds through the chain-gang march of “Distant Wilderness,” the “chill cold south” of “See You When I See You.” The album closed with “Still Standing,” a stirring, piano-backed reminder of why they’ve chosen to walk the righteous path, even as everyone else is “running out of things to say.” “Unscathed, cause this is pain,” they rap together on the chorus, “This is for soldiers to feel.”