The Godz, Godz 2

Dan Epstein

By Dan Epstein

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Godz 2

The Godz

Recorded the same year as the Velvet Underground's debut album, Godz 2 is so idiosyncratic — willfully inept might be a better description — that it makes the Velvets sound like seasoned session pros by comparison. Listening to deranged tracks like "Riffin," "Crusade" and "Squeak" is a little like eavesdropping unintentionally on your next-door neighbor's acid trip — it's annoying and somewhat disturbing, but you still can't pull yourself away. And yet, there's also strange beauty in the droning choruses of "Radar Eyes" and "Permanent Green Light," proving that there was at least a bit of method to these New Yorkers 'madness.