God Is an Astronaut, All is Violent, All is Bright

Tim Chester

By Tim Chester

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Mostly bright, occasionally violent, always rewarding.

God Is An Astronaut is a band who encapsulates the windswept beauty of their Irish homeland (specifically the rural and wooded Glen Of The Downs area in Co. Wicklow) in much the same way as Sigur Rós or Múm paint an audio panoramic of Iceland. Eschewing loud/quiet schizophrenia for desolate instrumentation, their second album breathes heavy with isolated beauty, again defying the confines of a three-piece. A series of shorter, four minute movements, this is bite-sized crescendo-core for anyone strapped for time, which is not to belittle their soaring mini-epics. Uniquely, much on offer here alters tempo, most notably on the title track. It's mostly bright, it's occasionally violent and it's always rewarding.