Seapony, Go With Me

Leonard Pierce

By Leonard Pierce

on 05.27.11 in Reviews
So summery and likable that it’s hard to harp on their shortcomings

Telling someone they're so pretty you'll forgive them for just about anything may be a lousy basis for a relationship, but it's not a bad way to approach Seattle's Seapony. There's nothing special about their shiny, approachable jangle-pop; their hooks are memorable, but Jen Weidl's delivery of so-so lyrics in the same hushed grade-school tone as a hundred other indie-label dream girls doesn't do much to plead their case. What they do is largely familiar, in other words, but they do it so well that it seems churlish to say so. Danny Rowland's guitars and song structures recall the best of old-school indie pop, with hints of Salem 66 and Vomit Launch, and songs like the antic "Into the Sea" and the gorgeous "Dreaming" (Go with Me's near-perfect opening track) are so summery and likable that it's hard to harp on their shortcomings.