Moby, Go Remixes

Simon Reynolds

By Simon Reynolds

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Go Remixes

Pre-Play single from rave’s biggest, baldest crossover star.

Moby is surely the single most successful crossover artist to emerge from rave, eclipsing even the Prodigy. Few would have predicted this outcome circa 1991's "Go," a likeable but hardly earth-shattering techno novelty. In truth, there's not a lot to this tune: an efficient hypno-chug of a beat, the ghostly synth-refrain from Angelo Badalamenti's score for Twin Peaks, a soul-diva's moaned "yea-yeah-yeah" and the shouted injunction, "Go!" But in its slight way, "Go" is perfect. The remixes are fairly unnecessary and the "Original" mix sounds completely unlike the version that everyone knows, but the "Radio Edit" is succinct, definitive and definitely the one to, er, go for.