Glenn Kotche, Mobile

Peter Blackstock

By Peter Blackstock

on 09.23.11 in Reviews


Glenn Kotche
Wilco’s drummer offers a great deal more than percussion

The audience for instrumental albums by drummers is inevitably a bit limited, even when that drummer plays with one of the world’s most popular bands — Wilco, in Glenn Kotche’s case. If you appreciate the innovative influence Kotche has had on Wilco’s music over the past decade, or if you’re simply inclined toward avant-garde sounds, his solo outings may well hold some intrigue. For starters, though Kotche’s role in Wilco is percussion-centered, there’s a good deal more than percussion on Mobile. While everything is heavily dependent on rhythm, Kotche employs a range of melodic instruments to give voice to his visions on “Reductions or Imitations” and the three-tiered titular composition. And if it’s nothing but thumping sounds you want, “Projections Of” serves up bangs and clangs and loops of beats woven together in a manner that stretches modern art well into a future realm. The album’s centerpiece is “Monkey Chant,” 11 minutes of tribal-meets-industrial conflagration guaranteed to freak out even the most ardent Wilco fan.