Glen Campbell, See You There

Jim Farber

By Jim Farber

on 08.13.13 in Reviews

See You There

Glen Campbell

In the same way Rick Rubin rushed to record as much of Johnny Cash’s music as he could in his dimming days, so those around Glen Campbell have aimed to cut songs with him while they can. Campbell is famously facing Alzheimer’s. In the meantime, he has toured extensively and has now released a CD featuring rethought versions of his top hits, along with recent cuts, previously unreleased.

Rethought versions of his top hits, plus a few recent cuts

Campbell comes at classics like “Galveston” and “Witchita Lineman” more deliberately now, savoring the great arcs of their melodies, while imprinting them with his memories. The airy arrangements leave more room for Campbell to show off a voice still agile and robust, despite small fissures in its timbre. His performances glow with awareness, deepening songs that always addressed connection and parting. The long goodbye they chronicle won’t leave a dry eye.