The Kinks, Give The People What They Want

Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Give The People What They Want

The Kinks
There are better things the Kinks recorded, but nothing else has “Better Things.”

Following the success of Low Budget, as the title suggests this was a little more of the same. Although it lacks the imagination of its predecessor, it does contain one song that has grown in stature with time. The optimistic, jangly pop tune "Better Things" gave the Kinks their first entry into the UK singles charts in nine years and, after being covered by the Fountains of Wayne some 21 years later, the song was used to stunning effect by Jonathan Demme in his remake of The Manchurian Candidate. While the album lacks the incisiveness of the best Kinks work, there are interesting moments, such as when Davies borrows his "All Day and All of the Night" riff to underpin "Destroyer" and reintroduces the character of Lola into the song. The controversial "Killer's Eyes" was written on the day that Pope John Paul was shot and was also partially informed by both the murder of John Lennon and the Yorkshire Ripper case, while "Predictable" is a worthy mid-tempo rocker.