Girls Names, Dead to Me

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.03.11 in Reviews

The influx of bands worshipping at the altar of C86 has been so overwhelming over the course of the last few years that Simon Reynolds < "a href=">wrote a book about it (sort of). But Irish group Girls Names offer good reason to set aside your reservations about reverb for at least 28 minutes. There’s an undeniable spookiness to these songs, Neil Brogan’s voice seeming like it’s echoing back from across the river Styx. The band balances that bleakness, though, with a batch of bounding guitars and booming rhythms beat out mostly on a bass drum. Songs like “I Lose” rush forward breathlessly, while the sad-eyed Brogan bellows Eeyore-like in the background. In 1995, the Pizzicato Five wrote a song called “Happy Sad.” Sixteen years later, Girls Names take its title as marching orders.