Ghost Wave, Ages

Matt LeMay

By Matt LeMay

on 08.27.13 in Reviews

Ghost Wave’s Ages couldn’t arrive with a better pedigree: It’s the first album to be released by beloved New Zealand indie pop label Flying Nun since they partnered with similarly beloved New York imprint Captured Tracks earlier this year. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, and Ghost Wave step into them like it’s no big deal. Their debut full-length is easy and assured, an irresistible first listen that reveals newfound subtleties on repeat plays.

Stepping into the Flying Nun catalog like it’s no big deal

Listening to Ages, you can imagine Matthew L. Paul driving an open-air Jeep to the beach with his bandmates playing along in the back seat. His unflinchingly cool vocals are set off by the bouncy bass lines, exuberant keyboards and simple, distorted guitar riffs that distinguished Flying Nun flagship artists like The Clean and The Bats. Add in some shimmering keyboards and strategic reverb-soaked tambourine hits, and you’ve got a perfect warm-weather record, capturing the laid-back excitement of a summer day trip without slouching into slackerdom.