Generationals, Actor Caster

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.03.11 in Reviews



As spry as prime-era Squeeze and as rigid and angular as the best Spoon songs, New Orleans duo Generationals somehow make their starched-collar guitar-pop sound crisper and more precise without turning it into a math equation. The guitars are just blips on the radar, so what drives these songs is their steady melodic bounce: “Goose & Gander,” the prettiest song about domestic strife you’re likely to hear (“We can’t stand each other, but we can’t be apart”), glides along on the kind of spritely keyboard hook that would do Hall & Oates proud and “Greenleaf” spirals like a set of sparklers in the July night. And undergirding it all is that steady, stentorian guitar chug — the guy in the corner at the party with the three-piece suit and stone-face who is, nonetheless, wearing a lampshade.