Strategy, Future Rock

Derek Walmsley

By Derek Walmsley

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

When prolific Portland, Oregon producer Paul Dickow, aka Strategy, titled his third album Future Rock, it hinted that he was aiming at nothing less than a remix of popular music itself. And while the album isn't quite the brutal, year-zero rewriting of the rock rulebook that one might expect, Future Rock absorbs and transcends an array of musical influences, from afrobeat to dub Techno, that is quite dizzying (often literally, so vertiginously multi-layered are these productions).

Rock (and pop) retooled and refitted anew for the future

Aimed substantially at the dancefloor, it is as if the whole spectrum of pop music is fodder for the sampler: vocodered vocals, sticky funk percussion and iridescent jazz textures are piled on top of each other in gossamer, shimmering clouds. Beneath the physical bliss of tracks such as “Can't Roll Back” and the title track, there's the bold ambition that Dickow can fix anything and everything in the mix: rock (and pop) retooled and refitted anew for the future.