Digital Underground, Future Rhythm

Christopher R. Weingarten

By Christopher R. Weingarten

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Future Rhythm

Digital Underground

Best known for their hijacking of the P-Funk mothership and their delirious, Parliament-sampling 1990 hit "The Humpty Dance," Digital Underground took their obsession with George Clinton's cosmic slop to the next logical step on 1996's Future Rhythm — total immersion. Here, Shock G's bouncy beats play second to buttery Funkadelic harmonies, late-Clinton digital trickery, raps right out of Let's Take It To The Stage, five-minute space-organ jams, aliens… and booties, booties, booties! This loose, futuristic concept record is so anally fixated it would make Sir Mix-A-Lot blush — inventing bootycentric reinterpretations of the original funkster's "One Nation Under a Groove" (e.g., "Every booty stink when they poo!"). Future Rhythm, the first album recorded after DU broke with Tommy Boy, revels in the type of industry-be-damned funkateer iconoclasm that has recently made Shock G an unexpected hero of Murs and the Definitive Jux camp. Free your ass… who cares what follows!