Shudder to Think, Funeral At The Movies / Ten Spot

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A group unlike any other on the Dischord label.

Shudder to Think was both like and unlike every other band on Dischord. On one hand, they were such insiders that Ian MacKaye's sister Amanda's label Sammich released their first album, 1989's excellently emocore Curse, Spells, Voodoo Mooses, and the "It Was Arson" seven-inch. On the other, they grew to sound like nobody else, thanks to Craig Wedren's Broadway musical falsetto soaring over often egregiously odd song-forms. On their second album, Ten Spot, thin production undercut the band's still-developing art-rock, but the Funeral at the Movies EP contains the seven-minute "I Blew Away/Ride That Sexy Horse" (sort of Shudder's equivalent to Jane's Addiction's "Three Days"), a sketchy Hendrix cover ("Crosstown Traffic") and the utterly wonderful original "Red House," which was so good they remade it twice. The follow-up, Get Your Goat, is both further refined and stranger, but it ain't no "Red House."