Fugazi, Repeater

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 07.26.11 in Reviews

If 13 Songs was a soup of dubbed-out Stooges songs, Repeater boiled it all down to screeches and thuds, welding shards of feedback, bass thrum and tom rolls — a sound as stark as the album’s blue-and-white cover, and as dynamic as the interior photos. Lyrical impressionism mixes with guilt and rage. At one end: “What a difference/ a little difference would make.” At the other: “We are all bigots/so filled with hatred /we release our poisons.” The title track bellows at D.C.’s crack crisis; “Merchandise” reminds you of what they don’t sell on tour. “Provisional” from Margin Walker gets a two-guitar reboot as “Reprovisional,” hinting at power that was once only implied. “Shut the Door,” a compassionate, furious look at a heroin overdose, is almost haiku-like in its simplicity and all the more powerful for it.

Lyrical impressionism mixed with guilt and rage

The CD pressing of Repeater was appended to include the 3 Songs 7-inch. “Joe #1″ is a thudding instrumental, “Break-In” an older song about assault, but “Song #1″ is a almost a post-hardcore manifesto: “Fighting for a haircut?/ Then grow your hair/ Crying for the music?/ I doubt you really care/ Looking for an answer?/ You can find it anywhere/ It’s nothing.”

Dig the new breed.