Fugazi, Instrument Soundtrack

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 07.26.11 in Reviews
A cool snapshot of the band’s working process

This is the pseudo soundtrack to the documentary of the same name made by the band with long-time ally Jem Cohen, who has made films with R.E.M. and the late Vic Chesnutt. There’s nothing hugely revelatory, but it’s a cool snapshot of the band’s working process. Only “Rend It” appears as a Guy-with-acoustic-guitar demo. Most of the record is the sound of songs coming together link by link and yard by yard, assembled, jammed on, pulled apart and futzed with. It’s fun to hear Guy’s clarinet sub in for his trebly guitar on “Lusty Scripps,” “I’m So Tired” is a genuine piano ballad and the demo for “Guildford Fall” will remind old fans that song started out as (and was perfectly good as) a muscular instrumental. This one should come after a firm digestion of all the others, but see the movie.