Mark Broom, From London With Love

Philip Sherburne

By Philip Sherburne

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
London’s finest sends his best to Ellen Allien and the BPitch label.

While Bpitch has always focused its efforts on building and nurturing its own roster, occasionally a big-name guest will come along and light up the marquee. London's Mark Broom has been an electronic legend since the early '90s, riding the seam between IDM and straight techno for labels like GPR, Mosaic, Soma and Pure Plastic. Two of the three tracks on From London With Love are undeniably special: the bewitching "Twenty Nine (Black Mix)" is a melancholic banger that fades out in a beatless coda of keening Siren song, while "Rock N Roller," in the vein of Kompakt's Schaffel productions, offers an uncompromising take on Marc Bolan's overdriven swagger.