Golem, Fresh Off Boat

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A klezmer group that’s not afraid to allow their voices to do the talking.

Klezmer grew up alongside gypsy music in Romania, Turkey and Greece, so it's not hard to confuse the two. The big difference here is the reliance on vocals: Golem! aren't afraid to allow their voices to do the talking, whereas most gypsy (and other klezmer) bands often attempt to mimic the human voice via their instruments. Which isn't to say that Annette Ezekiel doesn't tear off some stunning runs on her accordion or that Alicia Jo Rabins doesn't take the lead with her frantic violin playing. In fact, with Aaron Diskin and Ezekiel giving over so much time to vocals, it merely gives more opportunity for punk pyrotechnics like “Stick It!” to unfold.