Frank Zappa, Zappa In New York

Christopher R. Weingarten

By Christopher R. Weingarten

on 01.03.12 in Reviews

Zappa In New York

Frank Zappa

On In New York, Zappa proves his ingenious musical improvisations are a perfect analogue to his impeccable comic timing. His dry, hilarious banter reaches new heights in a run-though of “Titties and Beer,” a “Devil Went Down to Georgia”-esque tale where he faces off with Satan himself. Drummer Terry Bozzio (who must have sold his soul to churn out drum solo “The Black Page” from this set’s second disc) uproariously plays the role of the Unholy One and returns later to express his love for Punky Meadows of metallers Angel in the giddily lewd “Punky’s Whips” (a song pulled from the original pressing by litigation-fearing Warner suits). This is the ultimate Zappa live experience, full of virtuosic excursions and riotously perverse antics — although “I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth” is, thankfully, an instrumental.