Frank Zappa, Make A Jazz Noise Here

Christopher R. Weingarten

By Christopher R. Weingarten

on 12.18.11 in Reviews

Make A Jazz Noise Here

Frank Zappa

One of three double albums chronicling Zappa’s final tour, Make A Jazz Noise Here focuses solely on the most challenging rock compositions in the Zappa catalogue, making it the essential listen for chops-geeks engrossed by his band’s technical prowess. Nailing every twist and turn of Zappa’s shape-shifting syncopation, his 11-piece band sounds like they are linked by extra-sensory projection, attacking Zappa classics like “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black” at dizzying speeds and craftily working their way through labyrinthine pieces like “King Kong” — throwing in snatches of Stravinsky, Bartók, “The 1812 Overture” and Synclavier noise along the way.