Dave Davies, Fractured Mindz

Phil Sutcliffe

By Phil Sutcliffe

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

He's 60, he's still recovering from the stroke he suffered in 2004, and Kinks lore portrays him as “the nice brother” in contrast to awkward cuss/genius Ray. So you want to like Fractured Mindz — his 10th solo album, counting live releases and compilations.

An uplifting album of good ol’ messy right stuff from the Kinks’ “nice brother.”

Well, happily, Dave has plenty to offer: sheer lust for life, decent songs and a range of venerable yet unashamed rock idioms. Although the recording seems somewhat DIY, its beatbox drum patterns unsuited to Davies'gut-feeling '60s approach, he brews a zestful assortment of psychedelic synthesiser swirls, beat-boom pop, tough R&B and the pre-heavy-metal guitar muscle that distinguished the Kinks'early hits.

His themes take you back too. He just can't stop singing about freedom, be it spiritual ("This Is the Time") or, more politically, freedom from whatever “they” want to impose on “us” ("All About Me"). But Davies kind of knows this is standard hippy idealistic vagueness and there's a twinkle of self-mockery about lines like “I believe in rock & roll/ I believe in my immortal soul/ And they can keep their mind control.” Plainly, he's just glad to be alive and rockin'out, an uplifting album of good ol 'messy right stuff.