Fool’s Gold, Leave No Trace

David Greenwald

By David Greenwald

on 08.16.11 in Reviews

Leave No Trace

Fools Gold

Fool’s Gold’s Lewis Pesacov is probably best known for his production work on Best Coast’s garage-pop breakthrough Crazy For You, but with Leave No Trace, the musician makes a compelling case for his day job. In a bid for accessibility, the L.A. band’s sophomore album strips away some of the more obtuse qualities of its 2009 debut: Singer Luke Top eschews Hebrew for English, while Pesacov’s guitar grooves draw as much on Johnny Marr as they do African axe-men.

An accessible follow-up appropriate for anywhere from Olvera Street to Williamsburg

Top is a deep-voiced singer whose generous vibrato leaves him between a fun-loving Morrissey and a significantly less pretentious Brandon Boyd; he handles English well enough, but the momentary return to Hebrew on “Tel Aviv” is a reminder of the sharpness of his native tongue. It’s little matter; the music’s the star on this album, driven by the lead guitar licks that dot the songs like Perseid meteors, and a blend of busy percussion and occasional horn punctuation. The group is at its frantic best on breathless efforts such as “Wild Window” and the synth-aided “Street Clothes,” while the bouncing “Bark and Bite” could soundtrack a summer block party anywhere from Olvera Street to Williamsburg – no passport required.