Paul Burch, Fool for Love

Jon Langford (Mekons)

By Jon Langford (Mekons)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Fool for Love

Paul Burch
The craftiest songwriter in Music City fashions another set of tuneful honky-tonk

When Bloodshot Records signed Paul Burch I told them that they'd got lucky 'cos this was probably his best record. They smiled indulgently, thrust a warm can of Hamm's into my pudgy fist and pushed me out into the rain-soaked alley, quickly locking the door behind me. This is the sort of smart, tuneful honky-tonk music that has been cleansed from the airwaves by the same Nashville Stalinists I love to go on and on about endlessly, so help me, Jesus. Why isn't this huge? I really don't know.