Cynth, Flute Medicine

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An adventure in reverberation and resonance.

While this disc does not specifically tout its healing qualities, the way it's produced and played gives it a natural healing vibration. Cynth is a flautist based out of Los Angeles who plays a combination of bamboo, Native American and brindle flutes. (She also acquits herself quite well on the panpipes.) The thing I love about this disc is how the flutes are overdubbed, often to the accompaniment of Tibetan bowls and bells, blowing like a clear breeze through the cathedral of the mind. But it's heart-centered music as well, especially on "Pyramid" and "Dream Lodge Dancer." Seven-time Grammy winner Roger Nichols helped out on production and it shows — even on a simple flute solo. The album, especially on headphones, opens up into an adventure in reverberation and resonance — a true tonic for the heart and mind.