Mighty Sparrow, First Flight: Early Calypsos from the Emory Cook Collection

Jon Langford (Mekons)

By Jon Langford (Mekons)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Legendarily cheeky calypso singer’s early recordings

These are early recordings of the legendarily cheeky calypso singer dating back to the late '50s and although I don't recognize the titles of many of these songs I know there's bound to be much madness and mayhem concealed within. We saw the great man up at the Phoenix Club in Chapeltown, Leeds one night many years ago where he joked and gyrated through a set of infectious ditties concerning political assassinations, rampant inflation, civil rights and his grandmother catching him reading dirty books. He got out of that one by explaining it was just a picture of Fidel Castro eating a banana. The Mighty Sparrow is Harry Belafonte's dark matter for sure!