Fang Island, Major

Arye Dworken

By Arye Dworken

on 07.24.12 in Reviews

When Brooklyn’s Fang Island recorded their anthemic and rousing self-titled debut, their intentions were to make music that would inspire “everyone high-fiving.”Mission Accomplished — the sugary, unbridled joy of tracks like “Daisy” and “Life Coach” were designed for celebration.

A comparatively matured sophomore album

Two years later, the trio returns with Major, which showcases a band comparatively matured — as if the mission statement this time around was to instead have everyone handshaking. Opening with the piano-driven “Kindergarten” (“All I know/ I learned in kindergarten”) and later on, with Bic-conjuring power ballad “Chime Out,” Fang Island trades macho for tender, conjuring a fantasy scenario in which Journey collaborates with Steely Dan (trust me — I mean this as a compliment). But for those still looking to dig into riffage, the stomping hoedown “Dooney Rock” and the body slamming “Chompers” will fulfill your daily intake of Vitamin Hi-5.