Kenji Williams, Faces of Epiphany

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Faces of Epiphany

Kenji Williams

Kenji Williams 'Faces of Epiphany is more up-tempo and even aggressive on the heels of the blissed-out beatitude of Epic. The lead track, “Spirit Walker,” begins with a muezzin-like cry over a bed of soft synth washes that kicks into a full-blown dance floor assault, but like most of Williams 'compositions, it never feels edgy, nervy, or anxious. It's full-tilt but controlled at the same time, propelling, driving, pulsing, but never out of control. It's a trademark quality of most of Williams'art: pushing the edge, but never going over.

Dance music that veers close to minimalism, but never quite makes it.

Even on “Illusion,” the other dance floor stomper on Faces, he never delivers beats beyond the body's and mind's ability to assimilate them; using delay, reverb and loops, he suspends moments in time while the track surges forward. It's a technique not too unlike one Steve Reich used on Desert Music. In this regard Williams comes very close to the minimalist camp, but veers left towards the dance floor. If there was ever a record crying out to have remixed versions floating around clubs across the planet, it's Epiphany.