Scorpions, Eye II Eye

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Scorpions alter their M.O., rocking like a…slight wind

Eye II Eye was the Scorpions '1999 attempt at being innovative in a techy pop way. Their fans, never being very amenable to even small amounts of growth, hated it. "Mysterious" saw the band practically mimicking Janet Jackson or Paula Abdul — complete with Klaus Meine's girlie-man croon, indeed, it sounds like a tune a platoon of dancers would happily slink around to an MTV soundstage. And the lyrics to songs like "Freshly Squeezed" — "You're sex-ee, relax-ee" — are tortured, although delivered with the enjoyable animal cunning that comes naturally to an old pro like Meine. Of course, the Scorpions did not desert their pop metal roots entirely. "What U Give U Get Back" is a power ballad that would have sold millions, along with "Crazy World." The astonishingly titled "Mind Like a Tree" is proper lumbering hard rock and "Du Bist So Schmutzig" (translated: "you're so filthy") shows there was still good stiff lead in those Teutonic pencils.