Lilys, Everything Wrong Is Imaginary

Nyles Lannon (Film School)

By Nyles Lannon (Film School)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Kurt Heasley’s eighth release sees this one-man band get collaborative

Kurt Heasley's records always leave me awestruck in some way. In the early days it was his crazy shoegazer production. Then he moved on to a more Kinks-style guitar pop sound. Now he's somewhere in the middle I suppose, blending pop with bendy guitars, loud synthesizer and psych aesthetics. A true mastermind of pop, Kurt Heasley has put out a lot of records, each one special in a different way. It's really great to see him still putting out stuff after all these years, and to see him still putting out GOOD records! He is never afraid to take risks with his music.