Saturday Looks Good To Me, Every Night

Thomas Bartlett

By Thomas Bartlett

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Living in a past of decadent reverb, shaking tambourines and ingeniously constructed songs.

Saturday Looks Good to Me are a band focused around frontman Fred Thomas 'love of those two grandmasters of pop orchestration and studio wizardry: Phil Spector and Brian Wilson. This time around, the production isn't as studiously faux-vintage as before, but Every Night still lives in the past, a past of decadent reverb, shaking tambourines, ooh-ooh-oohing choruses, frequent trumpet solos and ingeniously constructed pop songs. As usual, Thomas relies heavily on other (usually female) vocalists to perform his songs, and he seems to prefer a casual, amateurish sound. That sound is embodied on this record by Betty Marie Barnes, who particularly shines on "Until the World Stops Spinning," giving a deadpan, almost Nico-like performance of one of Thomas 'most delightful pop melodies. But the band's best vocalist is Thomas himself. His fragile but increasingly suave singing is smooth and assured on "If You Ask," achingly sincere on "When You Got to New York," and simply spectacular on "Every Night," which sounds like a lost Motown hit.