(etre), Inferno From My Occult Diary

Britt Robson

By Britt Robson

on 07.28.11 in Reviews

It requires a bent mind in a weird mood to become simpatico for these soundscapes from Italian artist Salvatore Borrelli, but at the right moments they can be hypnotic, or disturb your typical listening patterns. There are electronics, tape loops, cross-faded and manipulated voices and instruments, and grainy field recordings, layered, folded and opened like a sonic origami. Individual songs are dedicated to various fringe European artists both historical and contemporary, and the entire work is “dedicated to all people who haven’t voiced their life.” Fortunately the music doesn’t feel quite so pretentious. Check out “We Do Boring Things Together,” probably the most “accessible” track, and leave your preconceptions at the door.