Eternal Summers, The Dawn of Eternal Summers

Lindsay Zoladz

By Lindsay Zoladz

on 04.10.12 in Reviews

The Dawn of Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers
Indie pop full of large-hearted sweetness and willful simplicity

There’s a large-hearted sweetness and a willful simplicity to Eternal Summers’ pogoing tunes that harkens back to the K Records roster in the ’90s – specifically, indie-pop acts like Tiger Trap and Henry’s Dress. But while there’s something almost childlike about the Roanoke, Virginia, duo’s The Dawn of Eternal Summers (“Speak a secret language I can’t hear,” Nicole Yun sings on the opening track, as trusting as if she were singing to her first love), there’s an undercurrent of melancholy to their songs that keeps them from inducing a toothache. A collection of their first EP and subsequent 7″s, Dawn Of unearths gem after jangly gem (most clocking in at less than two minutes) like the sassy, strutting “Heart Squeeze” to the irresistibly heart-on-its-sleeve “Fall Straight Back,” during which Yun implores in an all-out wail, “Please don’t leave me out of your plans.” The Dawn of Eternal Summers is such sweet sorrow, you’ll be glad it’s only the beginning.