Adham Shaikh, Essence

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A mesmerizing blend of organic beats and breathless cosmic dub.

The Vancouver-based Adham Shaikh has emerged as a prolific producer and musician, exploring the earthy grooves of sensual ambient dub. "Sabbadub" is an exotic blend of spaced-out dub beats with tablas, duduk and the occasional drum-and-bass beat thrown in for good measure. It's a fairly typical Shaikh multi-culti recipe for stretching one's mind. He can also settle into some deep space grooves as well, as evidenced on his divine remix of Lisa Walker's "Orcadrift." His attention to detail and the overall organic feel that he imparts on each track separates Shaikh from others in the realm new ambient grooves. While Essence does a fine job of displaying his rather obvious skills of blending organic beats with breathless cosmic dub, nearly all of his solo work exhibits a truly singular and well defined voice and vision.