Ennio Morricone, L’Istruttoria è chiusa, dimentichi (The Case is Closed: Forget It)

Joe Muggs

By Joe Muggs

on 01.23.11 in Reviews

If you ever really need to demonstrate the Maestro’s range, this is the album you need. There are no sweeping orchestral themes or sophisticated grooves, just the most brain-sizzling sonic experimentation, unsettling moods and intense psychedelia. Crackling radios, free jazz drumming, muttering and whispering voices are all clearly designed to create an air of tension and disquiet for a 1971 movie of crime and corruption (translated title “The Case Is Closed: Forget It”); but as a piece of sound art in its own right this is fabulous, echoing Karlheinz Stockhausen and looking forward a decade to the wigouts of Nurse With Wound.