Yndi Halda, Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Tim Chester

By Tim Chester

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Wholly unique quasi-classical post-rock.

In the world of loud-quiet dynamics — if loud is 10 and quiet is 1 — the opening to Enjoy Eternal Bliss is somewhere around minus 37. You'll need to turn it right up and lie with your head in the sub-woofer to hear it. Which is a good place to be, because when the wistful strings and drums do kick in after two minutes, you won't want to miss a second. Orchestral arrangements dominate the record, from the opening track's lone piano to the deep cello and kettle drums of "We Flood Empty Lakes." Yndi Halda hail from Canterbury in the UK, a place best known for the psychedelic prog-folk of the late 60's (Caravan, Camel, Soft Machine), although they derive precisely nothing from this heritage. In fact they rely little on anyone else at all, forging a unique quasi-classical post-rock, releasing this album on their own, and now have gone on to form their own label O Rosa, through which they hope to discover new, non-western folk. True originals.