Gaskin, End Of The World/No Way Out

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The undersung origins of hard rock and heavy metal

More struggler rock from the early New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Gaskin sank fast but not before releasing two underfunded albums that are a good demonstration of the old reliable meat-and-potatoes of the genre. "Victim of the City" and "Despiser" are rust-encrusted storybook rock. The other side of the coin is delivered in the shut-up-and-play-loud-in-the-dive-ethos of "On My Way" and "Queen of Flames." Hard rock and metal wouldn't exist without the hundreds of bands, like Gaskin, who laid down their lives in crumbling toilets to sustain the enjoyment of hardcore fans waiting around for the occasional bona fide star to break from the pack. If you're not down with that idea, you're a phony, and Gaskin are too good for the likes of you.