Eleventh Dream Day, Prairie School Freakout/Wayne EP

Matthew Fritch

By Matthew Fritch

on 09.28.11 in Reviews

Prairie School Freakout/Wayne EP

Eleventh Dream Day
A visceral look at indie rock’s predawn

Thrill Jockey’s roster was practically populated by the Eleventh Dream Day diaspora, even though it’s sometimes difficult to hear the resemblance among the various offspring. EDD drummer Janet Beveridge Bean begat the folky Freakwater, bassist Doug McCombs begat Tortoise, and singer/guitarist Rick Rizzo laid down some albums with Antietam’s Tara Key. When Thrill Jockey reissued 1988 full-length debut Prairie School Freakout, it offered a visceral look at indie rock’s predawn. These 10 breakneck songs – recorded in just six hours – sound like a mythical meeting of Peter Buck’s brittle rhythm playing and J Mascis’s searing leads, churning out slightly countrified, road-worn punk. When the voices of Rizzo and Bean collide, they produce a John Doe/Exene Cervenka skewed harmony that can blow the hipped roof off a Frank Lloyd Wright house. This 2003 reissue appends the follow-up Wayne EP, which imbues a Neil Young song with even more ragged glory.