Edwyn Collins, Gorgeous George

Colin Irwin

By Colin Irwin

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Orange Juice’s frontman reminds you that pop music will never go out of style

Fronting absurdly underrated pop revivalists Orange Juice in the early '80s, Edinburgh's enigmatic Edwyn Collins is one of the great overlooked treasures of Scots rock. Inveterately charismatic and willfully individual, he seemed to scorn success whenever it beckoned, vetoing the opportunities provoked by his persuasive idiosyncrasy. He appeared to have disappeared off the radar completely when he suddenly emerged with Gorgeous George in 1994, an edgy and disquieting, yet still characteristically infectious, web of cascading melodies, sweet soul and retro-pop sensibility. It also gave him his biggest solo hit, the brilliant "A Girl Like You." The rest of the album stands up too with "The Campaign for Real Rock," "North of Heaven," "Moron" and the title track confirming the sharpness of his tongue and the wit of his pen. His cohorts, ex-Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and bass player Claire Kenny, add to the mood of darkness.