Eddy Current Suppression Ring, So Many Things

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 11.22.11 in Reviews

Culled from across their seven-year lifespan, So Many Things offers a non-exhaustive (though certainly comprehensive), chronological tale of an Australian rock band that formed while jamming at a work Christmas party in 2003. Like the other artist whose singles collection Goner released concurrently with this one, Eddy Current Suppression Ring makes rock ‘n’ roll that falls on the gritty — and occasionally abrasive — end of the spectrum, but it’s offset by singer Brendan Suppression’s sloppy, often humorous, speak-sing ramblings. Think Art Brut’s Eddie Argos, if Argos was more of a punk.

An interesting snapshot of the band’s evolution

Although it’s not Eddy Current’s finest release to date (that’d be Primary Colours), it’s an interesting snapshot of the band’s evolution. The opening track, the earliest recording on the comp, almost sounds like Adult Swim’s Brak griping about lost love. By album’s end, the guitars sound polished by comparison. Moreover, it’s exciting to wonder where the band will go next. They’ve cleaned up their sound to a certain extent, and this record shows how far they’ve come. Hopefully there are still So Many Things on the way.