Oneida, Each One Teach One

Yancey Strickler

By Yancey Strickler

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Resident weirdos of an already-weird scene turn in their best record yet.

Resident weirdos of an already-weird scene, Oneida are an incredibly insular band full of in-jokes and Incredible String Band references (much of 2001's Anthem of the Moon was devoted to this cause). They are also one of the finest psychedelic bands around, and Each One Teach One is their best moment. Unless you have a taste for self-abuse, you would be wise to dodge the noise-drone cut "Sheets of Easter" (amazing live but tedious on disc), but the rest of EOTO is excellent. The propulsive title track is my personal favorite — keyboardist/vocalist Fat Bobby (who is quite svelte), bassist Hanoi Jane and drummer/mascot Kid Millions tear through a drugged-out rocker that screams in agony. Also snag "Number Nine" (Bollywood electro), "Rugaro" (fuzzed-out chanting) and "No Label" (life as sound collage).