Dungeon Family, Even in Darkness

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 08.26.12 in Reviews

Even In Darkness

Dungeon Family

Expectations were unreasonably high for the Dungeon Family album, and it’s a compliment to the crew’s high quality of output that 2001′s Even in Darkness left most fans unsatisfied. There were some great songs — Cee-Lo’s spine-tingling lead-in to the anthemic “Crooked Booty,” Andre 3000′s cavalier stroll through the Kraftwerk-tweaking “Trans DF Express,” the celebratory reunion vibes of “6 Minutes,” the punch-drunk funk of “Rollin’.” Maybe too much of a good thing was the problem. Organized Noize and Earthtone III (Outkast and Mr. DJ’s production moniker) were in top form — Even in Darkness features some of the strongest crew productions of the era. But there was a sense of collaborative play lacking in some of the posse cuts, all these moments of individual brilliance at the cost of a larger struggle.