DJ Rap, DJ Rap Presents Propa Classics Volume 1

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

DJ Rap Presents Propa Classics Volume 1

DJ Rap

Long before she attempted pop success with "real songs" and a buffed image that emphasized what her momma gave her, DJ Rap (nee Charissa Saverio) spun some of the roughest drum 'n 'bass on the planet. As a producer, she hit early with the classic "Spiritual Aura," a collaboration with DJ Aston credited to Engineers Without Fears that combined massive, swelling strings with a nasty funk beat and a repeated exhortation to "get raw." The original "Aura" and a slowed-down, bass-heavy remix from 2001 bookend this collection of Rap's best productions and remixes for her label Propa Talent; in between are a bunch of superb examples why drum 'n 'bass was so fiercely loved in its time. Cuts like Rap's "Digable Bass" and her remix of Topcat's "Ruffest Gun Ark" shred; their ragga chants, elastic bottom end and snaking double-time beats signify an intensity that later variations on the style have all but forsaken.