DJ Quik, The Book of David

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 12.21.11 in Reviews
His most consistent record to date

Consistency is usually a tough sell in hip-hop — DJ Quik’s career has been more than two decades of steady results, and The Book Of David was his most consistent record to date. And yet, throughout the year, David simply felt more permanent than most of its competition, a celebratory lifetime achievement award amidst the churn of microtrends. The depth of the musicality here is to be expected from Quik and by means of his own very underrated mic skills and a coterie of guests that by most standards would be tagged as nobodies or has-beens, David is by turns heartfelt and startlingly angry, funny and coldhearted — all of it unified to mirror the unpredictability of life as viewed by someone whose greatest gift is the wealth of experience he has to share.