Various Artists, DJ-KICKS The Exclusives

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A collection of tunes produced exclusively for the DJ Kicks series by your new favorite artist.

Since 1995, the !K7 label has been commissioning DJs and producers to produce mix CDs for the home listening audience. For an added twist, the label additionally asks each artist to include a self-production, giving fans every reason to check out some of their favorites 'favorites. DJ-KICKS: The Exclusives collects many of these productions, pitting things like Tiga's uptempo cover of "Hot in Herre" vs. "Black Baby," the mid-'90s trip-hop/illbient Kruder & Dorfmeister workout. It's an eclectic release, to say the least, but of a uniformly high quality — proving that even when they're not making music for their own full-lengths, Carl Craig, Annie, Vikter Duplaix and others rarely let the quality control slip.