Disfiguring the Goddess, Deprive

Jon Wiederhorn

By Jon Wiederhorn

on 12.10.13 in Reviews
An exhausting and cathartic listen

Best known for his dubstep and electronica project Big Chocolate, Cameron Argon is also the sole force behind the extreme death metal band Disfiguring the Goddess. His third full-length Disfiguring album, Deprive, is a 19-minute-long barrage of barely-contained cacophony that staples one brutal passage to the next, mixing tempo and rhythmic structure with a rapidity that requires repeat listens and an understanding of bands like Nile, Nasum and Morbid Angel to fully grasp. To his credit, Argon’s production skills make the definition between instruments astonishingly clear, and he offers more than mere death metal insider knowledge. “Home of the Dollmaker” integrates haunting choir vocals between schizophrenic beats and serrated riffs, “Deaths Head Mask” is embellished with Nine Inch Nails-style piano plinks, “Old Man” incorporates sampled strings and “Industrial Quarter,” which peaks and dips like a warped LP on a malfunctioning turntable, is enhanced with deep, foreboding electronic tones. While Deprive is an exhausting and cathartic listen as is, the album might have benefited from a couple slower numbers that would have added additional diversity and taken it over the 20-minute mark, which barely qualifies as an EP these days let along a full album.