Directions, Directions In Music

Matthew Fritch

By Matthew Fritch

on 09.28.11 in Reviews

Directions In Music

A testament to these musicians’ raw creativity and collaboration

This is what a lost weekend in Chicago, circa 1996, sounded like. Former Tortoise member Bundy K. Brown summoned drummer Doug Scharin (Rex, June of 44, HIM, Codeine) and guitarist James Warden to Idful Studios to cut eight untitled instrumentals over two days and release them into the world under a Miles Davis-styled moniker. Directions in Music is a little-known gem in the catalog and the dark horse on this list, a testament to the raw creativity and collaboration among these musicians. The album seems to consist of three movements, with the pair of opening numbers (“Untitled 1″ and “Untitled 2″) focused on Scharin’s master-class percussion; tracks 3-5 bringing in rolling, pastoral guitar melodies; and tracks 6-8 providing long tonal stretches and psychedelic space-outs. Even listeners who are uninterested in post-rock or instrumental music will be engaged by this album’s guitar hooks and generally brisk pace.