F.U.S.E., Dimension Intrusion

Drew Daniel (Matmos)

By Drew Daniel (Matmos)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Dimension Intrusion

Electronic music for home listening that lives up to its name years later

Though many prefer its more intricate cousins, for my money this is the release from the Artificial Intelligence series on Warp that has held up the best, and lives up to the "electronic music for home listening" brief that defines those halcyon days of post-rave, post-Detroit innovation. Working under his Futuristic Underground Subsonic Experiments moniker, Richie Hawtin builds up from the slinky funk of the title track to black-light dancefloor workouts like "Substance Abuse" and "Train Trac" with elegance and precision. I still don't understand just how these warm synth pads and solid, simple shapes sidestep banality and land solidly in the "compulsively listenable" part of the library. Listen and try to figure it out.